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Information about Administrative wage Garnishment

For most people, getting a paycheck is one of the most important things in our lives since it is the thing that is best about working. A person would feel less inclined when they open their paycheck and find out that part of it has been garnished due to that reason. Before we go any deep, you need to understand what administrative wage garnishment means for you to know how to deal with such a situation when you come across in future. Administrative wage garnishment can be defined as a situation that occurs when the court orders your employer to cut off some amount of money from your administrative wages to pay the amount directly to the creditor. When you have an overdue debt to a creditor or any other person that you owe money; administrative wage garnishment is most likely to come your way in most cases.

Child support and students loans are the leading reasons for administrative wage garnishment in the world we live in today. Until your debt is fully settled, or you resolve it in another way, the employer will follow the exact orders of the court to cut a certain amount to money from your administrative wages on a monthly basis. There are several different types of administrative wage garnishments that can happen to a person today. When you are facing administrative wage garnishment; you can lose up to twenty five percent of your gross income after the deduction of taxes and health premiums have been done. Administrative wage garnishment as a result of child support can cut up to fifty percent of your gross income after the taxes and health premiums among other have been deducted.

As an individual; you have the right to challenge the decision if the court has provided a directive that your administrative wages be garnished. That is the main reason why you will be issued with a legal notice in advance before the garnishment for you to get a chance to challenge the decision. Sometimes, you may feel that you do not owe the amount of money that is mentioned in the notice or you feel like you do not owe the debt at all, and that is the main reason why you will be given a chance to challenge the garnishment.

When you want to challenge the administrative wage garnishment decision, you need to request a hearing first. As mentioned earlier, you need to have a valid reason for you to request a hearing. When you face a administrative wage garnishment, there are several negative impacts that you may experience, and that is the reason why you need to request a hearing if you feel like there are some irregularities in the filed case.

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